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In this report, the United States Baby Fashion Accessories market is valued at USD XX million in and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of , growing at a .

Revenue and financial key figures of Coca-Cola The cultural affiliations an individual in the United States may have commonly depend on social class , political orientation and a multitude of demographic characteristics such as religious background, occupation, and ethnic group membership. Bungee jumping is an extreme adventure sport.

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry: textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based .
The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry: textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based .
In this report, the United States Baby Fashion Accessories market is valued at USD XX million in and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of , growing at a .
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These fashion designers are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known fashion designer from the United States is included when available. This list is made up of a variety of people, including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

The culture of the United States of America is primarily of Western culture origin and form, but is influenced by a multicultural ethos that includes African, Native American, Asian, Polynesian, and Latin American people and their cultures.

Finally, Scotch-Irish, English and Scottish settlers from the borderlands of Britain and Ireland migrated to Appalachia between and They formed the regional culture of the Upland South , which has since spread west to such areas as West Texas and parts of the U. Fischer suggests that the U.

He asserts that the country is composed of just regional cultures, and that understanding that helps one to understand many things about modern American life.

Fischer also makes the point that the development of these regional cultures derived not only from where exactly the settlers first came, but when they came. Fischer asserts that during different periods of time, a population of people will have very distinct beliefs, fears, hopes and prejudices, and that various groups of settlers brought these feelings to the New World where they more or less froze in time in America, even if they eventually changed in their place of origin.

Continuing the work of Fischer, Colin Woodard , in his book American Nations , [14] claims an existence of eleven rival regional cultures in North America, based on the cultural characteristics of the original settlers of these regions.

According to Woodard, these regions cross and disregard formal state or even country borders. For example, he compares the Mexican border with the Berlin wall, saying that "El Norte in some ways resembles Germany during the Cold War: Although the United States has no official language at the federal level, 28 states have passed legislation making English the official language and it is considered to be the de facto national language.

According to the U. More than languages besides English have native speakers in the United States—some of which are spoken by the indigenous peoples about living languages and others imported by immigrants. Spanish has official status in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the state of New Mexico ; Spanish is the primary spoken language in Puerto Rico and various smaller linguistic enclaves.

Bilingual speakers may use both English and Spanish reasonably well but code-switch according to their dialog partner or context. Some refer to this phenomenon as Spanglish. Indigenous languages of the United States include the Native American languages , which are spoken on the country's numerous Indian reservations and Native American cultural events such as pow wows ; Hawaiian , which has official status in the state of Hawaii; Chamorro , which has official status in the commonwealths of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands ; Carolinian , which has official status in the commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands ; and Samoan , which has official status in the commonwealth of American Samoa.

American Sign Language , used mainly by the deaf, is also native to the country. The national dialect is known as American English , which itself consists of numerous regional dialects but has some shared unifying features that distinguish it from other national varieties of English. There are four large dialect regions in the United States—the North , the Midland , the South , and the West —and several smaller dialect regions such as those of New York City , Philadelphia , and Boston.

A standard dialect called " General American " analogous in some respects to the received pronunciation elsewhere in the English-speaking world , lacking the distinctive noticeable features of any particular region, is believed by some to exist as well; it is sometimes regionally associated with the vaguely-defined " Midwest ". According to the CIA , [16] the following is the percentage of total population's native languages in the United States:.

The right to freedom of expression in the American constitution can be traced to German immigrant John Peter Zenger and his legal fight to make truthful publications in the Colonies a protected legal right, [ relevant? In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, American art and literature took most of its cues from Europe.

During its early history, America was a series of British colonies on the eastern coast of the present-day United States.

Therefore, its literary tradition begins as linked to the broader tradition of English literature. However, unique American characteristics and the breadth of its production usually now cause it to be considered a separate path and tradition.

America's first internationally popular writers were James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving in the early nineteenth century. They painted an American literary landscape full of humor and adventure. Mark Twain , Henry James , and poet Walt Whitman were major figures in the century's second half; Emily Dickinson , virtually unknown during her lifetime, would be recognized as America's other essential poet.

Eliot and Sinclair Lewis. Ernest Hemingway , the Nobel laureate, is often named as one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. Popular literary genres such as the Western and hardboiled crime fiction were developed in the United States. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, American artists primarily painted landscapes and portraits in a realistic style.

A parallel development taking shape in rural America was the American craft movement, which began as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. Painting in the United States today covers a vast range of styles. Architecture in the United States is regionally diverse and has been shaped by many external forces, not only English. Currently, the overriding theme of American Architecture is modernity, as manifest in the skyscrapers of the 20th century.

Early Neoclassicism accompanied the Founding Father's idealization of European Enlightenment, making it the predominant architectural style for public buildings and large manors. However, in recent years, suburbanization and mass migration to the Sun Belt has allowed architecture to reflect a Mediterranean style as well. Theater of the United States is based in the Western tradition and did not take on a unique dramatic identity until the emergence of Eugene O'Neill in the early twentieth century, now considered by many to be the father of American drama.

O'Neill is a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for drama and the only American playwright to win the Nobel Prize for literature. After this fertile period, American theater broke new ground, artistically, with the absurdist forms of Edward Albee in the s. Social commentary has also been a preoccupation of American theater, often addressing issues not discussed in the mainstream.

Broadway is one of the largest theater communities in the world and is the epicenter of American commercial theater. American music styles and influences such as rock and roll , jazz , rock , techno , soul , country , hip-hop , blues and music based on them can be heard all over the world. Music in the U. It includes African-American influence in the 20th century. The first half of this century is famous for jazz, introduced by African-Americans. In the s, s, s, and s, rock, and Pop music was prevalent.

The cinema of the United States , often generally referred to as Hollywood, has had a profound effect on cinema across the world since the early twentieth century.

While the Lumiere Brothers are generally credited with the birth of modern cinema, it is American cinema that has emerged as the most dominant force in the industry. Its history can be separated into four main periods: Actor James Dean , who appeared in films during the classical Hollywood era until his untimely death, is widely regarded as an American cultural icon of teenage disillusionment. American independent cinema was revitalized in the late s and early s when another new generation of moviemakers, including Spike Lee , Steven Soderbergh , Kevin Smith , and Quentin Tarantino made movies like, respectively: In terms of directing, screenwriting, editing, and other elements, these movies were innovative and often irreverent, playing with and contradicting the conventions of Hollywood movies.

Furthermore, their considerable financial successes and crossover into popular culture reestablished the commercial viability of independent film. Since then, the independent film industry has become more clearly defined and more influential in American cinema. Many of the major studios have capitalized on this by developing subsidiaries to produce similar films; for example Fox Searchlight Pictures.

To a lesser degree in the early 21st century, film types that were previously considered to have only a minor presence in the mainstream movie market began to arise as more potent American box office draws. Television is a major mass media of the United States. Household ownership of television sets in the country is The peak ownership percentage of households with at least one television set occurred during the —97 season, with As of August , approximately ,, American households own at least one television set.

Due to a recent surge in the number and popularity of critically acclaimed television series, many critics have said that American television is currently enjoying a golden age. There is a regard for scientific advancement and technological innovation in American culture, resulting in the flow of many modern innovations. The great American inventors include Robert Fulton the steamboat ; Samuel Morse the telegraph ; Eli Whitney the cotton gin , interchangeable parts ; Cyrus McCormick the reaper ; and Thomas Edison with more than a thousand inventions credited to his name.

Most of the new technological innovations over the 20th and 21st centuries were either first invented in the United States, first widely adopted by Americans, or both. Examples include the lightbulb , the airplane , the transistor , the atomic bomb , nuclear power , the personal computer , the iPod , video games , online shopping , and the development of the Internet. This propensity for application of scientific ideas continued throughout the 20th century with innovations that held strong international benefits.

The twentieth century saw the arrival of the Space Age , the Information Age , and a renaissance in the health sciences. This culminated in cultural milestones such as the Apollo moon landings , the creation of the Personal Computer, and the sequencing effort called the Human Genome Project. Throughout its history, American culture has made significant gains through the open immigration of accomplished scientists.

Scottish-American scientist Alexander Graham Bell , who developed and patented the telephone and other devices; German scientist Charles Steinmetz , who developed new alternating-current electrical systems in ; Russian scientist Vladimir Zworykin , who invented the motion camera in ; Serb scientist Nikola Tesla who patented a brushless electrical induction motor based on rotating magnetic fields in With the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, a large number of Jewish scientists fled Germany and immigrated to the country, including theoretical physicist Albert Einstein in Post-war Europe saw many of its scientists, such as rocket scientist Wernher von Braun , recruited by the United States as part of Operation Paperclip.

Education in the United States is and has historically been provided mainly by government. Control and funding come from three levels: School attendance is mandatory and nearly universal at the elementary and high school levels often known outside the United States as the primary and secondary levels.

Students have the options of having their education held in public schools , private schools, or home school. In most public and private schools, education is divided into three levels: In almost all schools at these levels, children are divided by age groups into grades.

Post-secondary education , better known as "college" in the United States, is generally governed separately from the elementary and high school system. In the year , there were Of these, 72 percent aged 12 to 17 were judged academically "on track" for their age enrolled in school at or above grade level.

Of those enrolled in compulsory education, 5. Among the country's adult population, over 85 percent have completed high school and 27 percent have received a bachelor's degree or higher. Among developed countries , the U. Although participation in organized religion has been diminishing, the public life and popular culture of the United States incorporates many Christian ideals specifically about redemption, salvation, conscience, and morality.

Examples are popular culture obsessions with confession and forgiveness, which extends from reality television to twelve-step meetings. Americans expect public figures to confess and have public penitence for any sins, or moral wrongdoings they may have caused. Several of the original Thirteen Colonies were established by English settlers who wished to practice their own religion without discrimination or persecution: They were convinced that the democratic form of government was the will of God.

By the time of the Philadelphia Convention of , the United States became one of the first countries in the world to codify freedom of religion into law, although this originally applied only to the federal government, and not to state governments or their political subdivisions.

Modeling the provisions concerning religion within the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom , the framers of the United States Constitution rejected any religious test for office, and the First Amendment specifically denied the central government any power to enact any law respecting either an establishment of religion, or prohibiting its free exercise. In following decades, the animating spirit behind the constitution's Establishment Clause led to the disestablishment of the official religions within the member states.

The framers were mainly influenced by secular, Enlightenment ideals, but they also considered the pragmatic concerns of minority religious groups who did not want to be under the power or influence of a state religion that did not represent them. He is always in alliance with the despot. The following information is an estimation as actual statistics constantly vary. According to the Pew Research Center's Religious Landscape Survey, [40] the following is the percentage of followers of different religions in the United States:.

The United States observes holidays derived from events in American history , Christian traditions, and national patriarchs. Thanksgiving is the principal traditionally American holiday. It evolved from the English Pilgrim's custom of giving thanks for one's welfare. Thanksgiving is generally celebrated as a family reunion with a large afternoon feast. Christmas Day , celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ , is widely celebrated and a federal holiday, though a fair amount of its current cultural importance is due to secular reasons.

European colonization has led to some other Christian holidays such as Easter and St. Patrick's Day to be observed, though with varying degrees of religious fidelity. Independence Day also known as the Fourth of July celebrates the anniversary of the country's Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. It is generally observed by parades throughout the day and the shooting of fireworks at night. It has become a holiday that is celebrated by children and teens who traditionally dress up in costumes and go door to door trick-or-treating for candy.

It also brings about an emphasis on eerie and frightening urban legends and movies. Louis , Mobile, Alabama , and numerous other towns. The United States has few laws governing given names. Traditionally, the right to name your child or yourself as you choose has been upheld by court rulings and is rooted in the Due Process Clause of the fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.

A few restrictions do exist. Restrictions vary by state, but most are for the sake of practicality for example: This freedom, along with the cultural diversity in the United States has given rise to a wide variety of names and naming trends.

Creativity has also long been a part of American naming traditions and names have been used to express personality, cultural identity, and values [45] [46] Naming trends vary by race, geographic area, and socioeconomic status. African-Americans, for instance, have developed a very distinct naming culture. Fashion in the United States is eclectic and predominantly informal. While Americans' diverse cultural roots are reflected in their clothing, particularly those of recent immigrants, cowboy hats and boots and leather motorcycle jackets are emblematic of specifically American styles.

Blue jeans were popularized as work clothes in the s by merchant Levi Strauss , a German-Jewish immigrant in San Francisco, and adopted by many American teenagers a century later. They are worn in every state by people of all ages and social classes. Along with mass-marketed informal wear in general, blue jeans are arguably one of US culture's primary contributions to global fashion. Though informal dress is more common, certain professionals, such as bankers and lawyers , traditionally dress formally for work, and some occasions, such as weddings , funerals , dances , and some parties, typically call for formal wear.

Since , American schools focused on gymnastics, hygiene training, and care and development of the human body. Physical education was incorporated into primary school curriculums in the 20th century. Baseball is the oldest of the major American team sports. Professional baseball dates from and had no close rivals in popularity until the s. Though baseball is no longer the most popular sport, [50] it is still referred to as "the national pastime.

The Major League Baseball regular season consists of each of the 30 teams playing games from April to September. The season ends with the postseason and World Series in October. American football , known in the United States as simply "football," now attracts more television viewers than any other sport and is considered to be the most popular sport in the United States.

The National Football League differs from the other three major pro sports leagues in that each of its 32 teams plays one game a week over 17 weeks, for a total of 16 games with one bye week for each team. Its championship game, the Super Bowl , has often been the highest rated television show, and it has an audience of over million viewers annually.

College football also attracts audiences of millions. Some communities, particularly in rural areas, place great emphasis on their local high school football team. American football games usually include cheerleaders and marching bands , which aim to raise school spirit and entertain the crowd at halftime.

Basketball is another major sport, represented professionally by the National Basketball Association. It was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts in , by Canadian-born physical education teacher James Naismith. Ice hockey is the fourth leading professional team sport. Always a mainstay of Great Lakes and New England -area culture, the sport gained tenuous footholds in regions like the American South since the early s, as the National Hockey League pursued a policy of expansion.

Lacrosse is a team sport of American and Canadian Native American origin and is the fastest growing sport in the United States. NLL and MLL are the national box and outdoor lacrosse leagues, respectively, and have increased their following in recent years.

Also, many of the top Division I college lacrosse teams draw upwards of 7—10, for a game, especially in the Mid-Atlantic and New England areas. Soccer is very popular as a participation sport, particularly among youth, and the US national teams are competitive internationally.

A twenty-team professional league, Major League Soccer , plays from March to October, but its television audience and overall popularity lag behind other American professional sports. Boxing and horse racing were once [ when? Relative to other parts of the world, the United States is unusually competitive in women's sports, a fact usually attributed to the Title IX antidiscrimination law, which requires most American colleges to give equal funding to men's and women's sports.

The United States enjoys a great deal of success both in the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics , constantly finishing among the top medal winners. Homecoming is an annual tradition of the United States. People, towns, high schools and colleges come together, usually in late September or early October, to welcome back former residents and alumni. It is built around a central event, such as a banquet , a parade , and most often, a game of American football , or, on occasion, basketball , wrestling or ice hockey.

When celebrated by schools, the activities vary. However, they usually consist of a football game, played on the school's home football field, activities for students and alumni, a parade featuring the school's marching band and sports teams, and the coronation of a Homecoming Queen. American high schools commonly field football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, golf, swimming, track and field, and cross-country teams as well.

Mainstream American culinary arts are similar to those in other Western countries. Wheat and corn are the primary cereal grains. Traditional American cuisine uses ingredients such as turkey , potatoes, sweet potatoes , corn , squash , and maple syrup , indigenous foods employed by American Indians and early European settlers, African slaves and their descendants.

The types of food served at home vary greatly and depend upon the region of the country and the family's own cultural heritage. Recent immigrants tend to eat food similar to that of their country of origin, and Americanized versions of these cultural foods, such as American Chinese cuisine , Tex-Mex Mexican-American cuisine or Italian-American cuisine often eventually appear; an example is Vietnamese cuisine , Korean cuisine and Thai cuisine. German cuisine has a profound impact on American cuisine, especially mid-western cuisine; potatoes, noodles, roasts, stews, cakes, and other pastries are the most iconic ingredients in both cuisines.

Different regions of the United States have their own cuisine and styles of cooking. The states of Louisiana and Mississippi, for example, is known for its Cajun and Creole cooking. Cajun and Creole cooking are influenced by French, Acadian, and Haitian cooking, although the dishes themselves are original and unique.

Italian, German, Hungarian and Chinese influences, traditional Native American, Caribbean, Mexican and Greek dishes have also diffused into the general American repertoire. It is not uncommon for a "middle-class" family from "middle America" to eat, for example, restaurant pizza, home-made pizza, enchiladas con carne, chicken paprikas, beef stroganof and bratwurst with sauerkraut for dinner throughout a single week.

Soul food , mostly the same as food eaten by white southerners, developed by southern African slaves, and their free descendants, is popular around the South and among many African-Americans elsewhere. Iconic American dishes such as apple pie , fried chicken , pizza , hamburgers , and hot dogs derive from the recipes of various immigrants and domestic innovations. French fries , Mexican dishes such as burritos and tacos , and pasta dishes freely adapted from Italian sources are consumed.

Americans generally prefer coffee to tea, and more than half the adult population drinks at least one cup a day. Hamburgers , fries , and doughnuts are considered American foods. Traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. A cream-based New England chowder , traditionally made with clams and potatoes. A Caesar salad containing croutons, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, Worcestershire, and pepper.

Creole Jambalaya with shrimp, ham, tomato, and Andouille sausage. A submarine sandwich , which includes a variety of Italian luncheon meats. American style breakfast with pancakes, maple syrup, sausage links , bacon strips, and fried eggs.

A hot dog sausage topped with beef chili, white onions and mustard. A barbecue pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw as the side dish. An apple cobbler dessert. Family arrangements in the United States reflect the nature of contemporary American society, as they always have. Although the nuclear family concept two-married adults with biological children holds a special place in the mindset of Americans, it is single-parent families, childless couples, and fused families which now constitute the majority of families.

Thus has arisen the term postmodern family , which is meant to describe the great variability in family forms, including single-parent families and child-free couples. Single-parent households are households consisting of a single adult most often a woman and one or more children. In the single-parent household, one parent typically raises the children with little to no help at all, from the other.

This parent is the sole "breadwinner" of the family and thus, these households are particularly vulnerable economically. They have higher rates of poverty , and children of these households are more likely to have educational problems. Other changes to the landscape of American family arrangements include dual-income earner households and delayed independence among American youths.

Whereas most families in the s and s relied on one income earner, most commonly the husband, the vast majority of family households now have two-income earners. Revenue of the VF Corporation worldwide from to , by region in billion U. Leading apparel retailers in the U.

Value of the leading 10 textile exporters worldwide , by country. Value of the leading 15 markets for U. Value of the 5 fastest growing markets for U. Value of the U. Apparel and footwear market value in the U. Size of the global and U. Footwear brands market share in the United States in Most used purchase channel for apparel and footwear in the United States as of Statista offers dossiers and reports on over industries.

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The direct selling market refers to a business model in which products are sold without a 'Brick and Mortar' retail establishment, such as online or person-to-person. This dossier provides key data about this market, with a focus on the United States and the leading companies, such as Amway.

Argentina is the second largest e-commerce market in Latin America as of This dossier provides key information about the different aspects of the e-commerce market in Argentina, including the main retailers, customers, mobile commerce, and more. Recent studies showed that Belgium has the highest prices when it comes to mobile data in Europe, with Proximus, Orange and Telenet as the main actors in this market. This dossier provides information on two of these main players and also features data on mobile commerce, video and apps.

This topic page and accompanying dossier highlights the rising number of Chinese tourists in Europe and the main destinations they are heading to. With the UK making plans to leave the EU, it is still uncertain about how this will affect trade across the UK's only land border, the Irish border. This topic highlights the importance of cross border trade and discusses how firms across Ireland are anticipating Brexit to impact their businesses. Statista now offers industry insights from a global perspective for 34 industries.

The reports provide crucial information on the trends moving all major industries. Is Italy speeding up on electric mobility or is the next charging point still too far away? Have a deeper look into the topic with this new dossier.

Statista provides an overview on the market situation and customer attitudes around e-mobility in this country so passionate about cars. With an October deadline looming and an unpopular proposal in hand, time is running out for Theresa May to secure a deal with the European Union. This topic highlights some the main issues standing in the way of a deal and explores how the British public have reacted to the ongoing political drama. Revenue might still pale in comparison to other sports, but the recent growth of electronic sports, or eSports, has been immense.

This dossier analyzes the popularity of video games and digital games in the Netherlands and the attitude shown towards the trend of online gaming. As consumers become aware of the potentially harmful ingredients used in conventional beauty products, many are seeking green alternatives which pose a lesser risk to the skin and the environment. This topic page provides an overview of natural and organic cosmetic sales and UK consumer attitudes.

The first football study that compares the 5 big European leagues from a fan's perspective. Find out everything about the Premier League, its clubs, sponsors and fans.

The Statista Global Consumer Survey offers a global perspective on consumption and media usage, covering the offline and online world of the consumer.

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Industry Overview Most-viewed Statistics. Recent Statistics Popular Statistics. Smartphone market share worldwide by vendor Number of apps available in leading app stores Born in New York Hilary Duff age 30 Hilary Erhard Duff is an American singer, songwriter, actress, model and fashion designer.

Duff began her acting career at a young age, and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the starring Madonna age 59 Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman.

She achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery Jessica Simpson age 37 Jessica Ann Johnson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, reality television personality and fashion designer who made her debut in Since that time, Simpson has made many recordings, After appearing in commercials and in plays, Bynes rose to prominence as a child star in the late s and early s on the Milla Jovovich age 42 Milla Jovovich is an American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer.

She has appeared in numerous science fiction and action-themed films, earning her the sobriquet "reigning queen Gwen Stefani age 48 Gwen Renée Stefani is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actress. She is the co-founder and lead vocalist of the rock band No Doubt.

During the band's hiatus, Stefani Raised in Florida, Moore first came to prominence with her debut single, Fergie age 43 Stacy Ann "Fergie" Ferguson is an American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, rapper, television host, and actress.

She is the female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Nicole Richie age 36 Nicole Camille Richie is an American fashion designer, author, actress and television personality. Richie rose to prominence for her role in the Fox reality television series, The Simple Life, Sean Combs age 48 Sean John Combs born November 4, ,[1] currently known by his stage name Diddy, is an American record producer, rapper, actor, and men's fashion designer.

He won three Grammy Awards and two Shortly after beginning her career as a model, Suvari appeared in guest roles on such s television shows as Boy He started his music Cher age 71 Cher is an American singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer, television host, comedian, dancer, businesswoman, philanthropist, author, film producer, director, and record producer.

Ashley Olsen age 31 Ashley Fuller Olsen is an American actress, fashion designer, producer, author, and businesswoman.

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) is dedicated to fashion made possible by global trade. USFIA represents brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based in the United States and doing business globally. The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) represents the fashion industry: textile and apparel brands, retailers, importers, and wholesalers based . These fashion designers are among the most prominent in their field, and information about each well-known fashion designer from the United States is included when available. This list is made up of a variety of people, including Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.