Lardini sport coat with light blue jeans – with and without tie

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Please help me give them a warm welcome in their new thread. And regarding the collar of you shirt, keep it soft. Yes, my password is: Look at not only the lapels width and style , but pocket placement, length of jacket, shoulder build, button placement, and vents. No sport coats or blazers.

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Shop women's coats and jackets from Tommy Jeans. Icons from the archives re-introduced with a fresh, streetwear vibe.
Historically, the sports jacket has always been paired with a contrast trouser. Naturally, chinos or wool trousers come to mind. But with the denim renaissance of late, men are taking jeans with.
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Sport coat with jeans is probably one of the most popular and widely used smart casual combinations among though it does not really even fit into the definition of smart casual dress code.

And here is one or actually two examples how to execute the look. The same outfit first without a tie and then with one. As with any outfit, the most important thing when you combine sport coat and jeans is to keep the whole attire in balance.

In terms of the sport coat opt for a softly tailored unstructured options. I personally like to wear plain jackets or jackets with small restrained pattern.

But for this kind of ensemble patterns like checks or windowpane for example are totally appropriate as the jeans anyway will keep the outfit simple and restrained. Another important things in an outfit like this is of course the shirt. For this one I chose to wear a white and blue striped button-down. The most crucial thing again is that the shirt is on the same level of formality than the rest of the pieces.

And regarding the collar of you shirt, keep it soft. Choose a shirt that you can wear also without the jacket, just with the jeans. And when you wear a shirt without a tie, always unbutton at least two buttons. Even though I am wearing here the shirt with three buttons open, I suggest to go in most times with two.

Two buttons is good. If you unbutton only the collar, the shirt probably pulls on the next button. Simply it looks better if you open two so the shirt hangs more naturally. As you can see, I am not wearing a pocket square here. You can either go with a pocket square and use the very simple tv-fold. Or you can leave out the whole square. I have earlier written about wearing tie with jeans. And actually I noticed that I wore the exactly same — brown shantung — tie in that post.

Probably because it is my favorite kind of tie for this kind of outfits. Some people might blame me for the lack of imagination. But when some things work, why not stick with them. All what I wrote about the balance above, naturally applies here as well. Keeping the balance in terms of texture and aesthetics is especially important when you combine two pieces that in terms of formality are in principle at different levels.

Therefore my recommendation is that if you wear jeans, forget the most formal ties as well. And the jeans I am wearing here, they are in fact very basic and simple ones. Actually jeans are something that I consider that are quite easy to acquire even with lower budget.

These particular jeans are made by brand called Karve and the price is around 60 euros. But for me they are pretty much perfect. The light shade of blue goes well together with darker shades of blue but also with colors such as brown, light gray and orange. Want to learn more about what goes into a classic suit jacket style — click here. Pinstripes, chalkstripes, hard colors like black.

So what colors and fabrics work well with dark colored denim? Want more suit fabric ideas to wear with suits — click here to learn more! Get them hemmed if necessary. Curious as to how your jeans should fit — click here to see our infographic! Want more on how to wear jeans with a blazer jacket — click here to read our popular article.

Never pair a suit jacket with jeans. However, it is possible to wear a suit jacket with jeans. Click here to see the complete info-graphic on how a suit should fit.

Seriously – you have to be in decent shape to pull off jeans and a jacket – it’s a youthful look and requires a body type whose chest is bigger than the waist. Not every jacket is going to look good with a set of jeans, especially if your sport coat or blazer is a solid color. Fit your coat of choice to a few pairs of jeans. Don’t just throw on any jacket and assume it’s going to work with any denim in your closet or, more likely, on your floor. Sports Jacket with Jeans If you’re feeling brave and want to run (literally), with the jacket and jeans look, then the sport coat or sports jacket is your number one stop. It’s step one in achieving the jacket and jeans combination and a sports jacket and a pair of jeans work well together as companions.