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A boy is a weirdo and girls are normal.

I started wearing girls jeans in my 30s, gradually shifting exclusively to girls jeans and other casual androgynousfemale versions of similar clothes to what I wore anyway. The colors were better and the fit accentuated my body towards to feminine side.
Jul 13,  · Explain why you want to dress like a girl. Tell your parents the reasons behind your desire to dress in girls’ clothing. Be specific about how dressing in this way does or would make you feel, how you benefit from it, or what occasion you want to wear this clothing for%().
Jul 13,  · Explain why you want to dress like a girl. Tell your parents the reasons behind your desire to dress in girls’ clothing. Be specific about how dressing in this way does or would make you feel, how you benefit from it, or what occasion you want to wear this clothing for%().
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I know some people have a problem with boys wearing skinny jeans and such, but I love it! One of my favorite places to shop for a little guy is actually in the girls section! The clothes fit.

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He dressed up a lot in his sisters dress up clothes. I have many pictures of him as Cinderella or Snow White or just in different dresses and jewelry. But the other day he came downstairs with his makeup on, jewelry, tights, dress and heels. He said he was just playing with his sisters and being nice. Or if he just likes it. I have told him, not everyone will be ok seeing him in girl clothes. But I have also told him, be yourself, no matter what other people say. I would agree with you.

However, i can see what the others are saying to a degree. On the other hand I would also want to have that opportunity for him to begin to learn the inner strength of being able to handle that.

I would want my kids to be as independent as possible as early on as possible. I am so excited for you! You are so lucky that your voice records and sounds awesome, when I record my voice sounds all kinds of distorted.

How awesome that you get to do something like this? I would so let my son run around in a dress. What if I looked like a total asshole? I think everyone feels that way. My eyeballs were SO itchy while I was recording. I have to get different contacts. Blinking like that is NOT sexy. I thought you were trying not to roll your eyes at som of the things not Heather was saying. You were awesome, so was Mamaspohr. I wish I knew you in real life. My three-year-old son rocks a tutu.

And we let him. Why was there no concern about if a little girl dressed like a boy? What if her daughter wanted to wear one of those muscle costumes out in public? Would she have a problem with that? People need to learn to relax, just enjoy life, and do what makes them happy. I think it is natural for kids to look up to other people, parents, siblings, friends, etc and want to be like them.

And that is a GOOD thing. In fact, just last night Crash who is 3 asked when he would get boobs like me. Then, he asked why Dad does. All about the self-fulfilling prophesies, you know.

Besides, part of being a parent is teaching them that there is a time and place for things and still nurture their independence, confidence and sense of self. Parenting is incredibly hard work. Makes me miss picking out breast pumps. I used to dress my little brother in nightgowns and call him Jenny when we were kids, way back in the 80s. It would really upset me to know how judgmental other people would be.

That would be the hardest thing for me. My boys never asked but I think my response would be in line with yours, Becky. I have freely and openly bought my boys traditionally girl toys and think I would do so with apparel if there was a true and honest desire to have it.

We bought the boys each dolls when I was pregnant and I was happy to do it. They both play with them. Regardless of their sexual orientation, they may be daddies some day. It goes both ways! Also—do we get to see the boy butterfly? And the topic was boys in girls clothes. Oh hell yes I would. My 4 year old is constantly dressing up in costumes at school and the other day he was wearing a yellow princess dress and a crown and I just adored it!

I will love my kid no matter what he wears! After listening to the other two women on the video, I disagree with them.

I would not sit my son down and tell him that what he wants to wear is socially unacceptable. Why make your child worry? Instead, try turning the tables on the staring crowds and judgmental eyes and push the idea of being open minded and accepting.

When I was working in the public schools with kindergarteners I had a bit of an argument with one of the teachers about this. There was a little boy in the class who loved to go to the dress-up center and put on the pink boa and high heels.

Luckily I was able to convince her to just let him be. Dude, your son is awesome. I want to be his friend. I had no one to go see Burlesque with. I would have taken him.

I was with ya on your answer. He looks up to her right now. I totally let my son do whatever it is clothes wise that he wants as long as he is not inviting frostbite or heatstroke. This conversation ends with brainstorming killer comebacks, and hits lightly on the fact that there is an incredible range in normal human behavior.

Its hard to be abnomral sometimes. Pretty macho, but I let him wear that too. Luckily, you get older, and your skin gets thicker and you stop giving a shit what other people think of you. And, by the way, I would be remiss in pointing out that my own 9-year old is beyond hope for dressing. He gets hot and so wearing sweaters is out.

The Gremlin totally loves pink and Barbie. He makes up for it by beating all of us to a pulp on a regular basis so I am not worried lool. I would definitely let boys wear girl clothes. In fact, I encourage it. I also let Boo pick out boy clothes.

I guess it takes a special woman to be the mom of a boy and do it right. My girl says she wants to be a boy most of the time, because most of the kids in her daycare class are boys. She wants to wear her soccer shirt all the time. Parenting boys is hard. Parenting girls is hard. Ben was 2 at the time. I just wanted to add: I think that letting our kids know that we support them, no matter what, is far more important than what they are wearing.

And my 16m old boy likes to play with my high heels. I forgot about that. And will try to wear my heels if I leave them out. Clearly you have too much time on your hands as a parent if you can manage the time to worry about whether your kid wears pink or blue, skirts or pants.

Because they have all the cool shirts. I just picked up a Toy Story Alien shirt from there. The most important thing a mother can do for her children is simply to love them entirely without prejudice and unconditionally. My son put together some of the most outrageous outfits when he was young. Other than retinal damage I came through it just fine. I used to say he had style but no taste. He grew up to be a straight male while my daughter grew up gay.

As long as they are happy in their lives I am happy too. BTW, my daughter and her partner are getting married. Now I have a super great son and three gorgeous daughters! I am framing this in the Comment Fall of Fame. If I had one. They look big and dark and mysterious in your children but they somehow look even bigger on you.

It was all very strange and very eye opening and pretty hard on my friend who thought she met and married a man with who she would have lots of nice hetero sex and some babies. You never see it coming! I like to hope that most of our kids will grow up to feel like we accept them as they are. I really, really hope so, at least. Awesome job, Aunt Becky! My boys, 11 and 8, both like to wear rings and necklaces, and high heels. Especially when they bowl, they like the four inch high ones.

My 11 year old loves purple, and both of them paint their nails on a regular basis. Nail polish is full of the win. What color do they like? I think rings and necklaces and all that? So rock the hell on with that. The Jesus Marker Couch is blue. Unfortunately, I think it will still be something of an issue. These attitudes change slowly. Recently my mother was telling me that my daughter was fascinated watching her put on makeup.

She kept saying that a boy would not be interested at all. It was so odd to me that she felt the need to keep repeating that. Regardless of the fact that I responded that it was not necessarily true. It made me sad. My mother is pretty liberal, and yet still stuck regarding gender stereotypes. Made me sad for all the GBLT folks with family to the right of my mother.

If my daughter want to date or marry a woman, I just hope she finds a nice, loving one. My brother loves rainbows. If only all parents understood the importance of supporting their kids so they can build self confidence and explore self expression. I am such a dork. This has always struck me as weird and unfair: The main reason was, this is a small town. It would give us good chances to talk about gender roles and stereotyping and public opinion and diversity.

He is quite capable of understanding social norms and knowing that he dresses outside of those in our community. He gets to make the choice. Being the permissive mother than I am, I allowed my daughter wear boys clothes so if my son wanted to wear girls clothing, I say why the hell not?

I am mother to 2 wonderful girls, and my husband and I go rounds on this topic were we to actually end up with a son, ever. This is because…I am sister to 2 amazing young men.

They are 5 and 9 years younger than me respectively. I have a lovely portrait of us in front of the fireplace… all of us are wearing pink footie pajamas. My brothers were no strangers to my desire to dress them up in my outgrown party dresses and I pranced them around the neighborhood. He went through my closet and put together an outfit, complete with skirt- for all 4 years. My take on the women is that they dislike the idea of a male invading their territory, while I think the men find it threatens their masculinity or on a primeval level find me attractive which disturbs them greatly.

Is it fair to assume just because I decide to dress differently that I'm gay, bi, a sissy, or a sexual predator? Do I deserve to be hated because of it? I'm just curious what you all think. Fair play to you Scotchirish why can we invade their domain as they have done to us over the years.

Sexie Sherri 7 years ago. So be it i guess i am one of the biggest sissy's in the group because i dress completely as a total female and i do it in public. I love that feminine feeling i have when i turn myself into sexie sherri. Sabrina-Barrymore 7 years ago. Dressing in women's clothes is just an out ward expression of that state of mind. It does not mean that every male who wear women's clothes is a sissy. Some do it as a fashion statement.

Some do it professionally ie drag queens. Some just enjoy being or emulating women for a while but don't consider themselves sissies. Not all crossdressers or transvestites are sissies. You can be a sissy by dressing completely in women's clothing; or by dressing partially or by just being effeminate in your actions without wearing any women's clothing at all.

I believe the essence of the sissy is emasculation and is usually, but not always associated with humiliation, be it self imposed or imposed by another. The sissy does not generally seek to. Pass as a woman, but rather seeks to be an identifiably effeminate male. This make be expressed through overtly and often exaggerated effeminate behaviour; by dressing in exaggeratedly feminine clothing such as frilly maids uniforms or ultra-girly pink things, or by dressing fully or partially In women's clothes with or without makeup.

For my part, my sissyness was an evolution. I started as crossdresser, then evolved through the full wanting to pass as a woman thing to now being a very public sissy. I believe it came through a sense of guilt about not being a "normal" male and being inadequate sexually with women I was always more turned on by women dressed than undressed. Shame nd humiliation, by association, became part of the the excitement of crossdressing over the years, where I now go out of my way to show my self as an effeminate emasculated sissy to the outside world.

Alexis Jayne 7 years ago. I dress head to toe feminine, love my high heels and panties and bra and will not give them up. Both sides of me needs nurturing and i always believe the sissy part of me is just as important as the husband and father macho side. Jessica 7 years ago. Degraded Sissy expressed it well.

She seems to be right down my avenue as well on this. Then I found out what it was like to be a sissy. To dress in french maids outfits and little girl clothing and that was it. I also have this drive to bee seen and love it when people see me at the adult motel wearing one of my little outfits.

It makes my day to have them make fun of me and giggle and even serve them in their rooms. The humiliation and degrading of my status is what makes it for me. The funny thing is the sex for me becomes secondary since once that happens there seems to be a pause I don't want. I love being a sissy now and don't see myself being anything else. However, we all have to be careful out there and I only pick places where my dressing will be at least tolerated, I have had some bad experiences in the past.

I could not attain mother's motherly affections and acceptance when I was a child, so I sought "relatiionships" with her personal clothes. As I grew and became adult, All women seemed as cold and "offish" to me as my mother did. So I continued substituiting women's clothes for relastionships with women. I did not get hurt nor rejected that way. I love wearing feminine outfits, but clearly male, love the feeling of wearing, and the humiliation of being stared at and laughed at by strangers.

I think you really need to wear full make-up, and look forward to the next opprtunity to be fully dressed and made up, - and act like the woman you always wanted to be, - to be considered a true sissy.

And especially to dress and make up in the manner when 'men were men, and women were women, And I'm very happy to be one. Every day at work and in the evening at my local pub i wear under my male clothes knickers or a thong,a tight bra, and pantyhose or knee highs. Most locals in the pub know of my crossdressing habits and are ok with it in fact some girls and men too actively encourage me.

I don't understand what a lable has to do with anything, I love to wear feminine things and lable myself a sissy, but at work I am a man's man doing a an's work. Edited by cdwendy member 6 years ago. I just love to wear women's clothing I have stopped trying to rationalize why, sigh I am on FB..

Wendy Ward from chicago. I agree with Donna No labels I just ike the feeling I get dressing in lingerie Started to go out and get seen just this year ,but love the reaction I get I'm 6'3".

Tall and look like a guy with breasts when I go out so I get noticed. I wear dresses and such because I feel sexy when I do. I have had sex both ways and do enjoy both. I was 13 and put on my sisters undies and, one of her dresses. I got so hard I knew I was queer but had to keep it a secret.

Now I dress all the time both ways even mix at times. Wearing women's clothes is an activity which relaxes me. I love how it feels to wear them. Though I get in touch with my feminine side, I am not feminine. I am very macho and masculine. Once I have a sexual release associated with wearing feminine garments, I don't feel the need to wear them.

But, I always come back to dressing in something feminine. I'd love to be a Sissy. I wear button through cardigans both fashion mens and sometimes ladies classic chunky cardigans. I love them and it is the only item of ladies clothing I have worn.

I think cardigans are on the dividing line between male and female clothes and I choose to cross it sometimes. I don't care if people view me as a sissy. Like the previous post I find them warm cosy and relaxing.

I am new here.. My hubby likes to dress in my clothes and I thoroughly enjoy him doing it and don't think of it being sissy at all. We quite often dress him up before we play around like sisters then make love like man and woman but with both of us still dressed. I find it very sexy. I love dressing up mini skirt high heels stockens top bra g string love it love going an running around to different stores letting people see me an I think that im a sissy for doing it but who cares what other people think.

I love dressing as a woman,and wearing bras,panties,dresses,pierced earrings,makeup,shaved bod,and legs,wigs,feminine jewelry,french nails,false eyelashes,silicone breast,but want breast Implants with a vagina.

Go ahead,and cut my dick off. I am a m-f transperson looking to meet people in the Port Charlotte, Fl. I don't care if you are a CD, Transperson, or cis women. I like to be humilated, dress in sissy baby clothes, and of course as the woman that I am. I wear bra's and hose, thigh highs and garter belts and stockings with-out her approval and if she knew she would probably leave me A sissy I'm not sure if I am.

I like sports being out with the guys, drinking beer, looking at sexy girls and watching porn so am I a sissy? I have a number of pretty one piece ladies swim suits that I wear under my male attire, I like the cute skirted styles in pretty floral colorful designs.

I dislike the term sissy, it's also know as weak, soft, gay. Its used as a negative, but if woman wore pants that is not a real problem now! A real sissy wants to wear his outfits in public and wants everyone he knows to know he is a sissy. Sissies love to be humiliated, they enjoy people laughing at them and degrading them. They love to be dominated by anyone.

People get being a sissy and being a cross dresser mixed up. A cross dresser wants to dress and act like a woman and most dont want to attract atention and want to blend in.

I've been a sissy since 5 yr old, been wearing dresses since that time and an always wearing dresses in the public. I thrive on people laughing and teasing at me about the way I dress, walk and act like a sissy girl.

The more they poke fun at me the more I show off for them. I enjoy my life and everyone that live around me knows I'm a sissy. I'm always wearing bra's with silicone breasts and the silkiest and laciest panties that are made under all my dresses, skirts and capri's.

I shop everyday wearing girls clothes. Then, to his terror, someone came in and the bathroom light flipped on. Leo sent an email from his phone to what he thought was his own personal e-mail. He was proud of how cute he had made himself and wanted to remember it later.

But a few minutes later, the replies started pouring in. James couldn't hold back the tears. His sister had forced him to dress like a girl and then threw a surprise party at their house.

Everyone from their school was there and they all were laughing at him. Luke was trying to seduce his sister Emily's boyfriend, but should have done a better tuck job. He was sure to show it to Emily and then Luke would really be in trouble. Chris had been caught wearing his roommates clothes and now was in big trouble.

Carla immediately pulled him over her knee and began to teach him a lesson. It was Amber's 21st Birthday. But he knew it was too late The next morning, Holly took Amber out for breakfast. Amber couldn't be happier. The two best friends were laughing and scanning through the screen captures they had taken of Derek from the night before.

Suddenly, a FaceTime call came through on Holly's phone. She picked up the Skype call to find her new sissy playmate waiting. Tuesday, July 8, The Swimming Pool: James had slept over at his girlfriend Megan's house. They were Juniors in High School and just beginning to explore relationships in the bedroom. Wouldn't want you to get too much sun in one spot. When there was no reply, Megan's mom said, "Be a good girl and turn over for me.

Silently and sheepishly, James rolled up onto his side as he heard Megan's car pull into the driveway. Monday, May 5, Dazed and Confused: Ben's parents had gone out of town for the weekend, leaving him in charge of his little sister Amy. He was in his first year of College but to save some money commuted from their house to the University.

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