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Best Baby Doll for Toddlers: Our Pick One of the best dolls for 3 year olds is the JC doll with accessories. It is a great choice for children who don’t have any dolls or accessories already.

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Having your first baby can be seriously overwhelming. It doesn't matter how many books you've read — having a whole new life to take care of (and your family/the entire internet overloading you.
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Best Baby Doll for Toddlers: Our Pick One of the best dolls for 3 year olds is the JC doll with accessories. It is a great choice for children who don’t have any dolls or accessories already.

They're also helpful for shopping trips, daily exercise or general everyday use. A sturdy cup holder is a must for on-the-go parents. The Pram Pack is approved and recommended by most major airlines and can be wheeled behind you for easy travel.

A place to securely store your purse, shopping bags or memorabilia from amusement parks and attractions is important for those all-day adventures. Just make sure you use it with a sturdy stroller and remember to never compromise the stability of your stroller. Play and be able to safely and quickly see your music choices for your baby and you while enjoying the outdoors.

City Grips fit all strollers and keep your foam or rubber handlebar clean and protected. When Baby is happy, everyone is happy and a happy baby in a stroller is ideal for outings and traveling.

While most strollers come with harness pads, some do not. Adequate sun protection is important for the safety and comfort of your child. A soother with gentle sounds, music and sights helps baby understand when it's time to wind down and go to sleep. Point out the motion and lights to help baby focus on them. Switch through the sound settings until you find one that's especially soothing to you and baby, then take a few minutes for yourself: Place a rattle in baby's hand and gently shake it.

Your baby will probably be interested in grabbing, shaking and dropping it. Help baby exercise coordination skills by holding a toy in front, shaking it, and letting him reach for it. Put the rattle in baby's hand, shake it and say, "Hear that sound?

Choose a rattle that's big enough to let baby hold on with both hands. Place it in baby's hand; she'll grab on with one hand, then the other, and then let go. This action will develop into the skill of being able to pass an object from hand to hand.

As skills and learning progress during the first year, baby does more and more things independently, enjoying time alone to refine these new abilities. Your little spy is also carefully observing you and the world around you and making mental notes. Babies love to play—and few things make them happier than a new toy.

In addition to entertaining your baby, toys help develop motor and social skills. Babies make huge strides in their physical development at this stage; the most striking of which is mobility.

Your baby will be able to move slowly a few feet at a time. How your 4-month-old might play now: She may recognize familiar faces and take an interest in others With your help, he can reach for things She laughs, squirms and squeals with delight He's interested in watching his hands move She can grasp toys that she touches. Children develop at their own pace and reach milestones at different times.

The highlights mentioned in this website are approximate guidelines only. If you have any questions about your child's development, consult your healthcare provider. Toys and Playtips Jumperoos and Activity Centers. Help your baby learn more: Hide Jumperoos and Activity Centers. Hide Infant play gyms. Sit Me Up Seats.

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Reasons to make homemade baby food:

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